Step-by-Step Guide to Admission and Australia Student Visa

Student Visa is a perfect way to travel to Australia. It gives you an opportunity to gain a global well recognised qualification and allows you to improve your English skills in an English speaking country as well. This Visa allows you to bring your partner with you who will have work rights as a dependent on your student visa. This Visa allows you to work for 40 hours fortnightly and unlimited time during schools` holidays; some of High Education courses allow you and/or your partner to even work without limitations at all.

Student Visa gives you a chance of getting to know people from different countries and cultures to create life-long friendships or even relationships.

Following Steps are involved in this process - Study in Austalia

1: Career Counselling

EdWizz Team have years of experience, placing students in colleges and universities. Some of our advisors have personal experience studying and transitioning in Australia.

It is critical to engage and communicate with our clients in order to understand their career goals and the fields or industries in which they wish to work. We will advise students on the best courses available and examine their academic achievement from Australian institutions as well as their academic grades earned in other countries. With this information, we want to place students in the most appropriate courses and institutions for a successful graduation.

2: Enrolment

The Team EdWizz will submit required application forms and other supporting required documentation and  information to the institute. 

Once received Offer Letter (OL), Student will pay tution and sign Offer Letter. Once submitted back to institute. Institute will issue electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE)

Student will be contacted by the institution to provide information about start dates, orientation, and other pertinent information so that they can have the best induction and get off to a fantastic academic star

3: Visa Lodgement

Upon the satisfaction of the education provider issues the Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) which is inevitable for processing the visa. Our Registered Migration Agent will assist and guide you in documents preparation.

Registered Migration Agent, reviews all documents and prepare applciation, Then, the application for the student visa is sent to the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. It is highly recommended that you lodge for the visa before 12 weeks from the days of orientation in the institution.

Once Student Visa – Subclass 500 is APPROVED by Department of Home Affairs, Australia, Student can make him/her boarding arrangements to travel to Australia.

Documents required for Enrolment and Visa

What is Acceptable Evidence of Sufficent Funds - Finance Sources?

You must submit evidence of sufficient funds that must be atleast 3 months old from the date of application for the duration of your stay in Australia.

accepted documents include

What Are English Language Requirements for Subclass 500 Student Visa?

Students need to provide proof of English Language proficiency and acceptable tests are listed below in table.  Students are required to take the test within 2 years of applying for the visa for study.

You might not need to provide the English Language proficiency test for your visa if you are:

  • A citizen or passport holder of an English speaking country such as the United Kingdom, The United States Of America, Canada, The Republic of Ireland, or New Zealand.
  • Have Completed at least 5 years of education in the English language in one of the English speaking country mentioned above.
  • The applicant of foreign affairs, defence sponsored student or a secondary exchange student ( AASES).
  • Have completed the study in the previous 2 years in Australia and in the English language.


NOTE: (ELICOS) stands for English Langauge Extensive Course for Overseas Students. Below are the minimum requirements of English language acceptable tests.

English Language test ProviderMinimum ScoreMinimum Score and At least 10 weeks (ELICOS)Minimum Score and at least 20 weeks (ELICOS)
CAMBRIDGE C1162154147
OETB for each componentN/AN/A


Our MARA agents will assist and guide you in gathering all the required documents to support your student visa application and also lodge your application with Australian Department of Home Affairs (DOHA)


If you didn't find the course the way you anticipated & are looking to change your course or provider, we can suggest an alternative that is more suitable to your learning abilities & career aspirations.


If you are on a student or holiday visa and your visa is due to expire, we can assist you with the most common options that allows you to extend your stay in Australia.


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